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Fun game that's not as easy as it looks. Runs and handles extremely smooth...


I'm downloading this shit now. It better not be a virus. I already have too many.

Hello! I also did a short playthrough of your game (along with one other) for a Christmas themed let's play! Thank you so much, and I apologize for not getting the title completely right! I'll correct it in the text box below the video.

Happy holi-daves! And thank you again!

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My official playthrough of this game!! Enjoyed it very much it was exciting and provided me with a challenge at the same time!

Hey Grraw! I meant to say thanks again for posting the Let's Play video. Really enjoyed watching you play it, and I loved your uh, colorful commentary :D Cheers, bud!

Very fun game I have a video going up tomorrow of this game! I'll make sure to link it when it's up!

Thanks for playing! Super glad to hear you enjoyed it, and looking forward to seeing your video!